How do I make a claim?


  • By phone – 1-888-734-8888 or call your broker directly
  • Online (Report Auto Accident Here)
  • After Hours – 1-888-734-888


How can I prepare for a conversation with my broker about a new claim?


  • For All Claims – policy number, contact information, photos or videos of any damage, police report (if one was made), names and contacts of service providers used to assist (tow truck operators, plumbers, etc.), receipts for any out-of-pocket expenses
  • For Auto Claims – details of the other driver(s) involved including name, phone number, vehicle information and insurance information; details of the accident and damage including witnesses, passengers and police information.
  • For Property Claims – a detailed list of damages (or loss) to your home and personal property; receipts for any damaged (or stolen) property.


When should I file a police report?


    • When injuries have been sustained
    • When damages exceed $2,000 total
    • Theft or attempted theft
    • Fire
    • If a vehicle collides your house


How do claims affect my insurance premium?


  • In general, if you are at fault for an accident, regardless of whether partially or entirely at fault, your insurance premium will increase. Tickets and convictions can also affect your insurance premium, depending on the type of offense.


What should I do when I am experiencing water damage, fire or theft?


Immediately try to minimize the damages by:

  • Fire – call the fire department as a fire can spread quickly if not dealt with right away.
  • Water Damage – if possible, turn off the water supply to the home and move any affected personal property away from the area.
  • Theft – call the local police as soon as you become aware of the theft.