May 27, 2021

So you’re starting to grow your family. Congratulations!

Bringing new life into this world is an absolutely incredible thing. As new parents all you want is to protect this new life in the best ways possible.

Insurance is a tough subject to talk about because of the ‘what if’s’… in most cases we have to think about and plan for the worst. We are here to help have those important conversations to make sure you understand what those ‘what ifs’ really mean. We would hate for something to happen to you, your child or your significant other, but in the event something unexpected occurs, we’re here to plan for the recovery.

Home Security

When we think about protecting your new family, we think about security. When adding a security system to your home you gain piece of mind knowing your family is safe but you may also gain some discounts from your insurer. Depending on your policy and which insurer you choose, there might be a discount offering for you.

Financial Security

We also think about the future of your family, is there a plan in place if something were to happen? A life insurance plan can be purchased to help offset financial impact that might be left with your loved ones after you pass. Ask yourself this simple question, will your financial state impact your family’s future financial security? If yes, you should think about obtaining life insurance.

Planning for the ‘what ifs’

Your new bundle of joy is 100% dependent on you, which is why understanding what benefits may be available to your family in the event of an automobile accident can be very important There is no standard dependent care benefit in place on your auto policy, meaning if you were involved in an auto accident, you would have to pay out of pocket to have someone care for your children while recovering from an accident. Another benefit to think about is death and funeral expenses. This is a tough subject to think about, but funerals cost a large chunk of change. Could your surviving family afford these expenses at any given time? This benefit would also increase the money a surviving spouse and each dependent would receive in the event of a catastrophic auto accident.

We understand that insurance might be the last thing you think about when welcoming your first baby into the world but planning for your family’s future and navigating the what ifs of the world is imperative. Let our experienced team at McFarlan Rowlands help guide you through a plan that protects your family’s future.