April 13, 2017

Feeling the love from Heartland Farm Mutual

We’re feeling the love! ❤

In March, our brokers applied for funding on community projects close to their hearts through the iHeart Community Fund. We just found out that a few of those projects will be receiving funding! Here are our brokers, Wendy, Doug and Marc who submitted applications for projects in Tillsonburg, Thamesford and Dorchester. Find out more below about the community projects and groups that will be receiving funding thanks to Heartland Farm Mutual:

The Tillsonburg Legion

The Legion is home to our veterans but has also become a facility for our seniors as well. It’s a place to host dances, Friday suppers, cards, darts, zumba and birthdays!
In recent years, the sidewalk along the side of the building has deteriorated leading to slips and falls by seniors trying to enter the building.

Heartland has donated $3000 to help with the reparation project.

The Thamesford Water and Wheels project

In December 2016, a need for additional recreational facilities for youth in the village was identified due to the increase of families populating the area. A splash pad and skate park will be built and thanks to Heartland, the building committee will receive $10,000 towards building expenses.

Mossley-Dorchester 4-H Club

The club provides community members , ages 9-21 with skills such as public speaking, community work, self confidence, responsibility, leadership, environment protection and farming. The club was looking for donations for a trip to Algonquin Provincial Park this summer and other activities in the fall.

A $1,000 donation will be accepted in May.