May 8, 2023

McFarlan Rowlands Partnering with McDougall Insurance, with support of Definity Financial

We are excited to share news of our new partnership with McDougall Insurance Brokers, with the support of Definity Financial.  The relationship between McDougall and McFarlan Rowlands goes back decades, and we look forward to our future, representing a leading broker platform with significant scale and geographic reach in Ontario. As exciting as the future for McFarlan Rowlands is, we’ll still be here, in our communities across southwestern Ontario, the same way we always have been for the past 120 years.

McDougall and McFarlan Rowlands have shared synergy and strategy informally over a number of years. Headquartered in Belleville, they operate out of more than 40 locations across Eastern Ontario.

We know this partnership is right for McFarlan Rowlands because McDougall values the presence of real people in their communities and they operate through a multi branch, rural focus while providing choice and exceptional customer service. Just like McFarlan Rowlands, they represent over 50 insurance companies, giving them the ability to offer their clients optimal solutions. 

Merging with McDougall and with the financial backing of Definity, ensures the continuation of McFarlan Rowlands. We will maintain our brokerage model as we have historically – by prioritizing our clients, community presence with front line brokers available in smaller towns and cities, while strengthening our foothold throughout Southwestern Ontario.

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