February 8, 2013

‘When should I contact my broker?’

To ensure that you are properly rated and that you have disclosed all required information to your insurance company, it is important to review the details of your policy on a regular basis. In order to personalize your policies we need to be aware of changes that may have taken place over the past year. Some examples of changes we need to be aware of are:

– You have updated your roof, plumbing, heating, or electrical systems.
– You have completed an addition or renovation.
– Your marital status has changed.
– Your mortgage has been paid off.
– You started operating a home-based business or office.
– You started using your car for business purposes.
– The distance you drive to work has changed.
– There are new drivers in the household.

Please be sure to promptly contact your broker should any circumstances change that may affect your coverage or insurance needs.