November 21, 2022

Brokerage of the Year

Our team here at McFarlan Rowlands is an incredible group of talented individuals, who come together day in and day out to create amazing results. We continually give our all to each other and our clients, and we are truly grateful to our team members for making McFarlan Rowlands an incredible place to work. We recently won Brokerage of the Year (Over 25 Brokers) at the annual IBAO Convention, a recognition which highlights McFarlan Rowlands as a leading brokerage in our field. This honour would not be possible without a committed team, awesome clients and supportive industry partners. For that, we thank you!

We know a lot of people have been wondering, how did this win come to be? We would like to shed some light on the application and decision process.

How is a winner chosen?

Our COO, Directors, and Communications Team worked together to deliver a short video to share our “Recipe for Success”.

Submissions are evaluated by an independent panel of judges including business leaders from inside and outside the industry. Best in class performance is evaluated using pre-determined criteria. IBAO staff, board and volunteers are not part of the judging panel.

The BIG Win

Our Operations Team, along with a few more of our fabulous team members attended the 2022 IBAO Awards of Excellence Gala on Wednesday, October 19th and were able to accept the award on behalf of McFarlan Rowlands.

The Celebration

In 2023, our award will tour our offices to spread the cheer amongst our teams near and far. We can’t wait to see what the future holds here at McFarlan Rowlands!

Top Row (Left to Right):Jason Schneider, Bill Jansen, Sarah Heiser, Burke Neale, Terry Bushell, Doug Bell, Christa O’Neil, Tracy Bucholtz, Rebecca Reed, Andrew Burns, Jennifer Pridham, Lisa Vercillo, Marc Seguin
Front Row (Left to Right): Alyssa Therkildsen, Kendra Holden