March 28, 2017

McFarlan Rowlands on the Farm

Today we’re at Argyle Farms in Dutton owned by the McKillop family.

This farm features a new Farmer Automatic Combi Pullet System.

A pullet barn produces young hens for the breeder hen operation. A farm will receive baby female chickens and these chickens are raised continuously in the pullet barn where they will grow for approximately 20 to 22 weeks, until they mature. The hens are then picked up and taken to a breeder hen farm. At the breeder farm, they will start to lay eggs. (source)

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  • 1 in 8 Canadian jobs are in the agriculture sector.
  • It contributes $108 billion (6.6%) to Canada’s GDP.
  • Canada is the world’s fifth largest agricultural exporter.

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