May 6, 2015

Overland Water Protection

Ask us about Overland Water Protection
According to Environment Canada, over the past sixty years our atmosphere has been getting warmer and wetter. Climate change could bring about another overland flood such as the storm in Burlington last year that saw 190mm of rain fall within hours causing severe damage. This damage, for the most part, was uninsured as it resulted from overland flooding. Furthermore, insurance companies are modifying their traditional sewer back up wordings to specifically exclude and make clear that this type of water damage is not covered.

Things you can do:

Make sure you have a full inventory of your basement (take pictures of items)
Try to avoid storing items on the basement floor – put them in plastic sealable containers and on raised shelving
Inspect all plumbing for cracks and leaks, replace old plumbing
Find and seal any cracks in foundation walls and basement floor
How can we help

Aviva insurance is now one insurance company that has introduced a specific endorsement that covers overland water that can be added to your residential property and tenants coverage. Contact us at (1 (888) 734-8888 to learn about your options!