November 3, 2021

Real Estate Investor Insurance: Let us be a part of your team!

What is Real Estate Investor Insurance?

Investing in real estate can be a very exciting and profitable venture. Some do it full-time, generating revenue by investing in real estate, while others have unrelated full-time jobs and only invest in real estate on the side as an additional way of making money. Whatever the situation, it is important to understand that investing in any kind of real estate comes with a risk, and it is always a good idea to get the right insurance to protect yourself and your investments.

Types of Real Estate Investor Insurance:

One of the most important things when it comes to real estate investor insurance is identifying which types of coverage your property may need. After all, every property is different!

The three main types of protection required for real estate investors include:

Property protection, which protects the property itself from issues like fire, flood or wind storm.

Income protection, which protects the income generated from properties, and

Liability protection, which protects landlords and investors from lawsuits.

Additional coverage that may be applicable to real estate investors, depending on the property, includes, but is not limited to:

Replacement cost coverage

Sewer and water line backup

Equipment breakdown coverage

Builders risk insurance

Cyber insurance

Employers liability

Tenant’s damage

Short term rental insurance

Heritage site protection

Let us be part of your team!

At McFarlan Rowlands, we understand that real estate investors work with many different people, tight deadlines, and quick turnaround times. For this reason, it is extremely valuable to have an insurance expert as part of your team, in addition to lawyers, a construction team, appraisers and real estate agents. Our experienced brokers are prepared to provide you with the knowledge and choice in protecting your livelihood and are ready to help mitigate potential risks and protect your investments.