April 4, 2024

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is in the air and there’s no better time to organize your home, clean it, and get it ready for a new season.
It’s also a good time to tackle clutter in the home, restock important supplies, update your home inventory and inspect for any potential issues or surprises.
Here’s our spring cleaning checklist to help keep your home organized, tidy, and safe for the busy months ahead.

Cleaning in your home

  • Sweep, mop and/or vacuum all floors
  • Clean or wash carpets, rugs and doormats
  • Wipe down doors, walls, trim work and baseboards
  • Dust, wipe down or deep clean your furniture
  • Change your filter furnace
  • Service your air conditioner
  • Deep clean your showers, bathtubs, sinks, mirrors and toilets


  • Tidy up drawers and cupboards
  • Swap out your winter outerwear and re-organize closets
  • Donate unused items, clothing and toys
  • Clean out bathroom vanities and medicine cabinets
  • Shred unwanted documents that contain confidential information
  • Update and organize passwords
  • Re-organize storage bins

Cleaning outside of your home

  • Clean up debris from gutters, near windows and around your yard
  • Check your roof for damage
  • Look for cracks around your home’s foundation and inspect for holes that can let critters in
  • Wash all windows and screens
  • Power wash porches and decks, and check any other wood structure for rot
  • Clean outdoor lights and fixtures
  • Ensure downspouts are clear and water runs away from the foundation
  • Trim tree branches and make sure they don’t touch your house or utility wires

Inspections & Inventory

  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they’re in good working order and change the batteries
  • Clean any wood burning fireplaces and have the chimneys inspected
  • If you’re opening your pool, check outside hose faucets for water pressure, as well as potential water leaks into your home. If you find any leaks, take care of it as soon as possible to avoid more potential damage
  • Schedule a vehicle maintenance check to ensure tires, wipers and brakes are functioning properly
  • Evaluate and restock emergency supply kits in your home and vehicles as needed
  • If you live in an area prone to flooding or sewer backups, it’s important to take precautions.
  • Take photographs or video of all of your valuable possessions
  • Make sure all important documents (bills, receipts, warranties, instruction manuals) are organized and stored in a safe location

Spring is also a great time to pull out your home insurance policy and review your coverage.

  • Are your building limits up-to-date?
  • Do you need additional coverage, like increased insurance on special items such as jewelry, fine arts or sports equipment?
  • If you work from home, does your home insurance cover you for the business located within your home?
  • Have you recently updated your home with any renovations or additions?

Letting your broker know when you have undergone any major change to your home is in your best interest – especially in the unfortunate event of a loss.

Our brokers will be happy to review your home insurance policy with you anytime! Contact us at https://mcfarlanrowlands.com/contact-us/ or reach out to your broker directly via phone or email to discuss any questions or concerns.

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