September 6, 2019

Digital Pink Slips are coming to a smartphone near you

Drivers in Ontario now have the option of presenting a digital copy of their insurance slip.

The Government of Ontario announced yesterday that digital pink slips can be used as proof of insurance, effective immediately.

This announcement provides Ontarians the choice and convenience of displaying their proof of insurance using their mobile device.

Finance Minister Rod Phillips said at the announcement on Thursday, “we’ve all had enough paper in our lives, at least me, for one, I have experienced rummaging through the glove box, looking for that little pink slip. Well, as of today your rummaging days are over.”

The Government has built in a one-year transition period for insurance companies to continue providing policyholders with paper proof of insurance, for those who choose to continue using the traditional option.

“With any change, including a positive change like this one, people have questions,” said IBAO President Jeff Gatcke. “That’s one of the biggest benefits of using a broker—the expert advice and guidance we can provide.”

If you have any questions on this announcement, or would like to speak to your Broker about your digital pink slip, contact us today!

Quick Facts:

  1. Consent: policyholder must be informed that use of the digital pink card is optional and insurance providers must get consent from the client to issue electronically.
  2. Compliance with privacy legislation: an electronic insurance card must not include features that monitor, track location, or collect, use or disclose personal information
  3. Security features: secured delivery and lock screen capability: An insurer must produce a secure electronic version of the insurance card with no ability to edit or alter the form. The electronic insurance card must be able to be viewed utilizing lock screen capability.
  4. Transfer or email capability: insureds must be able to email or transfer the card to others (law enforcement officials, etc.)
  5. Loss or Damage: policyholder must assume any risk of loss or damage occurring to an electronic device when given to a third party.
  6. Transition period: the current approved paper version of the insurance card must continue to be issued by insurers to all policyholders for a one-year transition period following the effective date of this announcement, in addition to an electronic insurance card.
  7. Accessibility: insurers providing electronic insurance cards to policyholders must provide clear instructions, guidance and information about how to access and use the electronic insurance card, as well any technical requirements and limitations.