July 29, 2022

Filing a Claim? Let us be your advocate

At McFarlan Rowlands, we understand that being in any situation that requires filing a claim is incredibly stressful. While it can feel intense and overwhelming, our dedicated Claims Team is here and ready to walk you through the process.

Although we hope they won’t, accidents do sometimes happen. If you need to file a claim, you can:

Once you’ve filed a claim you might be wondering, why does it seem like this process is taking forever? With there being a delay in contact from some insurance companies as well as other aspects of the claims process, we want to bring your attention to some tips that can help you ensure we have everything needed to advocate on your behalf.

In order to prepare for a conversation with your broker about a new claim, gather the following information so that you are able to provide it all at one time and begin the claims process as quickly as possible:

For All Claims:

  • Your policy number, contact information of the other driver(s) involved, photos or videos of any damage, police reports (if one was made), names and contacts of service providers used to assist (ex. Tow truck operators, plumbers, etc.), and receipts for any out-of-pocket expenses

For Auto Claims:

  • Details of the other driver(s) involved including name(s), phone number, vehicle and insurance information, and details of the accident including witnesses, passengers, and police information
  • To make collecting this information easier at the scene of the accident, download our Accident Report Card

For Property Claims:

  • Prepare a detailed list of damages (or loss) to your property, as well as any receipts for any damaged or stolen property

Don’t suffer in silence! We as brokers are your advocate and are here to help during the claims process where we can.

  • When the situation arises, we strongly encourage you to report claims through us.
  • If you report directly to the insurance company, be sure to also contact your broker the next business day.

We know that filing insurance claims can be complicated. Visit our Claims FAQ page for additional information that can help you navigate the process.