November 6, 2017

McFarlan Rowlands Nominates Water and Wheels for Trillium ROOTS Community Fund

In recent years the town of Thamesford has become a popular choice for families to take up residence. It has grown from a small town to an ever expanding community. With this rapid increase in residential development, comes an increase in community members looking to entertain themselves locally. The services and facilities offered by the community have been put under pressure. As a result of the lack of infrastructure available for outdoor fitness, Thamesford’s “Water and Wheels” committee was formed.

The Water and Wheels project will focus on two areas of the town’s youth, infants and teenagers. Families will be able to enjoy their summers locally at a splash pad that will be created for infants and early school years children. Along with this a skate park will be built to provide pre teens and teenagers with a safe, centrally located place for physical activity.

This project will be the largest private venture that the community has ever undertaken, with a budget totalling $400,000. The ambitious target has been made easier to achieve by generous donations. Half of which has already been committed from the municipality and a large service club.

McFarlan Rowlands nominated the Water and Wheels skate park and splash pad for the Trillium Mutual ROOTS community fund. As a result it will be receiving support in the amount of $10,000.00. This generous donation by Trillium Mutual ROOTS community fund will contribute to the successful completion of the skate park and splash pad.

Presenting a cheque (from left to right) are: Amanda Breen-Cowan, Wendi Jackson, Rebecca Rennie, Margaret Jack, Ross Stone, Mike Brine, Doug Bell, Bronwen Metcalf, Don Weir, Marie Keasey