January 25, 2024

McFarlan Rowlands partners with Quandri: Automated Solutions & Support

Within the past year, the implementation of Quandri has led to a transformative shift within McFarlan Rowlands.

As a result of rapid growth over the past five years, both organically and through mergers and acquisitions, we discovered there were new challenges presented to our frontline brokers in terms of managing workloads, high priority tasks, and manual administrative duties. In order to aid our Brokers, we sought to leverage technology to assist in meeting client expectations.

Founded in 2020 by brothers Jackson & Jamieson Fregeau, Quandri is an automation platform that helps insurance agents and brokers deploy software robots across their organization to automate time-consuming and repetitive work. Their mission is to eliminate the mundane work that can now be done using technology.

With Quandri handling an administrative workload equivalent to an estimated ten full-time employees, our skilled team members were able to shift their focus from labour-intensive processes to proactive service and knowledge-driven initiatives. It has also allowed us to repurpose five of our experienced employees to revenue-generating work.

Not only that, Quandri has provided a solution for organization and team challenges, helping us to achieve our goal of providing consistent and excellent client service by re-evaluating our renewal review process.

“Usually, it takes multiple years to see a return on investment from new technology but our team is already experiencing that within months” – Christa O’Neil, McFarlan Rowlands COO. “From a business perspective, it has been an absolute success.”

By providing an automated solution to help us grow in scale efficiently, Quandri has helped us deliver benefits to our team members and clients alike.

Read more about our partnership with Quandri by visiting their website:

How McFarlan Rowlands Automated the Work Equivalent of 10 Full-Time Employees