December 6, 2012

Preventing Crime & Vandalism

According to Statistics Canada, there are over one million property crimes in Canada each year. Good maintenance and housekeeping can help act as deterrents as properties are less susceptible to loss from crime and vandalism when they look like their owners care.

Crime and Vandalism Prevention Tips:

Make it Bright: Exterior lighting is an excellent deterrent against unauthorized entry onto your property. Focus lighting on doorways, windows and other entry points.

Know Your Weaknesses: The security of your property is only as good as its weakest point. Build in warning signals to alert you when something is not working properly and regularly inspect and test your security.

Know Your Doors: Installing doors that open outwards makes it difficult for criminals to pry doors open or kick them in. For doors with windows, consider installing wired glass or protective plastic film.

– Exposed door hinges should have the hinge pins tack welded or secured with a recessed set screw to prevent the hinge pin from being forcibly removed.

Deterrents: Make it difficult for intruders to gain access to your building. Install deterrents that delay entry, such as: robust locks, bollards, window and door bars, fencing, door grates or glass film.

Cover Up Graffiti: Graffiti acts as an invitation for further criminal activity. To prevent further vandalism, graffiti should be covered as quickly as possible. If graffiti is a problem consider installing additional outdoor lighting so that these areas are visible at all times.

Garbage Bins Talk: Garbage bins and recycling containers may attract vandals and criminals and give thieves insight on what may be in the building. Any important information should always be shredded.

Engrave & Save: By engraving your property items with an ID number, you can easily identify your stolen items and reduce the value of the property to the criminal.